8th November 2015: Game enhancements: - campaign tutorial added (playable as first scenario with Britain) - optimized fps performance when searching building sites or setting waypoints for armies/fleets - changed font contrast  Game balance: - increased delivery priorities for building sites - changed necessary building resources for mines (skipped ari) - reduced effect of corruption (be aware that corruption leads to losses in tax revenue and trade income) - increased resource range of provincial buildings  THE SEVEN YEARS WAR (1756-1763) - update 1.084 released including tutorial 21st November 2015: Game enhancements: - added hotkeys for scrolling, rotating, menu and clearing of orders -> can be set in options menu (for english and german keyboards, others  work also but may see other characters in options menu although it works without problems with the pressed keys) - ui (menues, information, buttons and text) are now scaled automatically based on your screen resolution  Game balance: - changed view of trade income in nation comparison menu to per annum from all-time accumulated  THE SEVEN YEARS WAR (1756-1763) - update 1.085 released including hotkeys and scaled ui/fonts Authentic Fife & Drum Package added in version 1.088 12th December 2015:  Authentic Fife & Drum Music Pack played by Anthony Heyde  - British grenadiers (GB) - Over the hills and far away (GB) - Auprés de ma blonde (FR) - Zum Ausmarsch (AT) - Hohenfriedberger Marsch (PR) - Preobrazhensky march (RUS) - Main menu compilation - 6 authentic drum signals for orders on the battlefield 2nd January 2016: Game enhancements: - added english game manual in root directory (steamapps\the seven years war (1756-1763)\) - added hotkey for pause - campaign game can now be continued after reaching all scenario goals or time out - added arrows to fast switch between own cities in city menu (shown at the bottom of the city menu) - added mouseover information if a building is fully upgraded  Game balance: - increased chances of native trades - reduced influence of alcohol deliveries on native clans - increased speed of fast marches in campaign - increased duration of battles by 25%  Fixed bugs: - fixed wrong allocated fleets and traders (false references and numbers in cities) which led also to crashes when loading saved games - effects of Rousseau historic event of country France now set correctly - limber/unlimber order with group selection now is only executed for artillery units and rest of formations vice versa - removed german phrase of historic event Russia protecting Northern Germany - added workaround for divisions not accepting battle due to a prior retreat - fixed problems with cities still beeing besieged although siege was broken off earlier - fixed option where every city building could be built although tech was not researched  Layout: - increased menu and font size of load/save menu by 30% - improved font sharpness for low resolutions (below 1600x900)  - updated ground texture quality in battles - updated tree sprite quality in battles  Others: - removed citadel research from stationary artillery (also researchable with trench constructions) - allocated lumber mill (2) to tech large capacity buildings - allocated lumber mill (3) to tech industry buildings - further zoom in on battlefield possible Update 1.092 released including English manual and polished battle textures 26th January 2016: Game enhancements: - added abortion of recruiting by clicking on the progress ring - occupied provinces are now automatically annexed if prior owner was defeated (no provinces left) - diplomatic actions with defeated nations now not possible any more - added option to deactivate mouseover-infos (although you won't like to do this) - added information about highest demand or offer of own and foreign provinces if mouse cursor is placed over city short info - provincial forts now constructable  Game balance: - increased probability of AI constructing defense buildings and holding garrisons  Fixed bugs: - corrected weapons of dragoons in the historic battle of Torgau - fixed some not applicable weapons after tech was researched - fixed payment of fleet supply costs while not having fleets - added stability for campaign battles (fixed some crashes related to high memory usage) - fixed wrong resource demand for building repairs - corrected negative building or repair duration  Layout: - smoothed battle ground texture on greater distances - polished vegetation for battle & campaign mode - polished winter tree textures - added autumn landscape for battles - polished ground textures in campaign mode - polished water animation in campaign mode - added light font for scales  Others: - reduced smoke effect of canister shots - removed plain mouse cursor in windowed mode (but not the specials like target cursors and mouseinfos) - added mouseover-information for ammo options in battles Update 1.095 available including polished terrain and autumn landscapes in battles! 13th February 2016: - Improved house and church models on battlefields - Improved unit sprite quality in battles - Improved 3d artillery and bridge models - Animation of regimental casualties and replacements  Update 1.097 available including improved unit animations and 3D models! 10th March 2016: - Added minimap for battles - Added battle event information - Added optional price adjustment for companies - Added enhanced mouseover tooltips for campaigns - Improved commander pictures (1.098) - Improved winter campaign textures (1.098) - Improved campaign division sprites (1.098) Update 1.101 available including battle GUI part II! 30th April 2016: - enhanced battle statistics menu including best regiment and regiment with highest casualties - autoscaled menus if resolution is smaller than 16:9 aspect ratio - added enhanced mountain models for campaign mode - adopted new fatigue balancing system - improved battle interface (selections and attacks) - updated manual Update 1.103 - 1.107 with enhanced battle statistics and mountain models 17th Junel 2016: - implemented zoom mode for campaign mode - added optional historical features (historical units, artillery ammo and formations only) - added additional 18th century background music for campaign  - city overview implemented in statistics bar on top of campaign page; army and fleet statistics now combined in the right army & fleet statistics button  - Added UI enhancements access via tooltip (top right “i”): 	- information about city macro economic troubles  	- information about supply shortages - detailed trade reports for each province and the whole nation -> can be accessed via the goods overview menu - new research functionality: the more nations a tech have researched, the faster it goes for the remaining nations - information about new construction possibilities for sieges shown in the side information (hammer) - added F-key support for statistics menus in campaign mode Update 1.109 out with zoomable campaign map, enhanced UI, 18th century music and optional historical mode! 30th September 2016: The Battle Pack enhances the battle experience of "The Seven Years War (1756-1763)". The DLC includes the following features:  - 6 Additional historic battles - Build your own custom battles - Weather effects with influence on the troops' conditions - Order your commanders to take initiative on the battlefield - New unit: horse artillery - Additional unit statistics during and at the end of battles  - New quick attack and retreat orders - Polished battle goals  The new historic battles include: Abraham Plains (1757), Sainte Foy (1760), Zorndorf (1758), Carillon (1758), Prague (1757), Lovositz (1756)  Battle Pack DLC released! Including additional historic battles, weather, new units and custom battles! 23rd October 2016: Once a great Northern empire, now degraded. A fleeting moment in history. A chance to restore what was lost?  In 1757, with the Seven Years' War raging in Europe and the colonies, the so far neutral Sweden under the political leadership of the hard line Hats -party decides to take advantage of the situation by allying once again with France, joining the anti-Prussian coalition. - new playable nation: Sweden - 5 new campaign scenarios for Sweden - two new national policies: Naval invasion preparations and mercantilism - new nation specific historic events and march music for Sweden - revised and expanded roster of Swedish military units - bonus scenario for the French, with historical strategic goal of invading Britain in 1759    Pomeranian War DLC announced for 25th November 2016! 25th November 2016: Today I am proud to finally announce the release of Ilja Varha's DLC "Pomeranian War"!      Pomeranian War DLC released!