Play 20 realtime campaigns ranging from the <Road to war> in 1750 to the <Death of Czarina Elisabeth> in 1762, each with individual goals 	Coverage of the complete European and North american theatre with more than 110 cities and provinces including 13 nations 	Build up a huge economy with complex product chains to supply your people, armies and fleets 	Develop your cities and provinces to gain wealth and recruits and manage economic factors like jobless rates and people's wealth 	Establish trade on more than 20 goods with local markets, foreign nations and fight for control of narrow map resources 	Use a wide range of diplomatic measures like prisoner exchanges or joint military actions 	Build up your armies from a single named regiment to a complex division hierarchy and allocate a huge set of weapons to increase strength, movability, range or accuracy of each unit 	Trade with natives like Huron or Irokese nations and take influence to gain valuable allies or native units 	Manage your officer corps with individual expertise depending on the type of arms and battle experience 	Set 10 different politics to change the direction of your economy ranging from trade liberalisation to food rations 	Research more than 90 technologies to increase your production efficiency or gain access to new buildings and units 	Take control of naval routes to gain access to luxory goods or cut supply to your enemy's colonies 	Play city or fort sieges by digging trenches and artillery fortifications 	Issue war loans or order coin debasements to improve your financials 	Lead your armies to epic real time battles with thousands of soldiers and more than 100 individual unit types 	Use the advantages of terrains like increased fire range on hills or reduced cavalry charge in woods 	Conquer strategic goals like hills, bridges, cities and buildings to gain victory points 	Take the place of the famous generals in huge historic battles like the Battle of Kolin or Leuthen FEATURES

Lead your nation through the trials of the first world war in history and lay

the foundation for a new world order!

In the mid 18th century the mighty armies of the great European empires are led into the first global world war, the Seven Years War. While Prussia struggles for existence against a superior alliance in Europe the fight for the colonies between Great Britain and France arises to gather dominance over the North American continent.
Pomeranian War DLC released!